My paintings are made from direct observation, or imagination, or a bit of both. It depends on the subject-matter. Sometimes I want to record just the colour I see around me, and sometimes I want to illustrate a poem or a story that appeals to me in a particularly visual way. Accordingly, the paintings may vary in style, but hopefully they still seem well together – hopefully they are unified in effect, as I bring them all to the same level of resolution where they somehow please me enough. Coherence should come rather from a consistent intensity in the picture-making than from the contrivance of an obviously regular style, as I mean to follow every path that presents itself in painting.

In each folder of pictures the newest and best developed works are shown first. I have included the many examples of older work to try to document my progress.

And there are links to some of my published writings on art, which should provide a context for the pictures. My arguments and my paintings grow out of the same concerns.

Thank you for visiting, and please feel free to contact me as I am grateful for any comment.